The Most Expensive Jewlries In The History

The Most Expensive Jewlries In The History

Fashion has always been a big part of the world. From the moment that people started wearing clothes, they've wanted something new and different to express who they are. And in recent times, jewlery is also an important fashion statement. The most expensive jewelries in the history differ from person to person but there are some common items that are constantly at the top of this list like diamonds and emeralds.

Here are the top 10 most expensive jewelries in the world.

1. The Crown Jewels of England and The British Empire : In 1826, King George IV was crowned and he became the king of his country after his father's death. He brought with him the crown jewels of England and his empire but he left some of them at Buckingham Palace where they are still seen today. When George IV died in 1820, all those items remained in Britain where his successors were allowed to wear them on special occasions like coronations.

2. The Necklace Of The Queen of England : This necklace was worn by Queen Elizabeth II on many occasions, especially during her coronation in 1953 where she also wore the diamond crown and orb. It was created out of the famous Cullinan mine in South Africa and it weighs approximately 3500 carats.

3. The Topaz Bracelets : Back in the nineteenth century, two bracelets were made out of the finest topaz gems which was later sold to an anonymous buyer. The bracelets contained 273 flawless stones which weighed 100 carats each.

4. The Blue Diamond Of The French Crown Jewels : This diamond is currently valued at more than $32 million. It was discovered in India in 1650 and has a beautiful dark blue shade which is why it's name is " The Hope Diamond". The diamond was sold to the French King Louis XV in 1787 by the French ambassador to India.

5. The Diamond Necklace Of The Queen : This necklace is a replica of the one worn by Queen Elizabeth I which adds more value to it being that it was made as a copy from the original. It has about 570 diamonds and is currently valued at $5 million dollars. The Queen has worn this piece over 300 times.

6. The 24k Gold Religious Medal : This medal was made as a replica of the one worn by Jesus Christ on the cross which was found in a cave in Spain. The medal is made out of 24 carats gold and it has the Cross of Jesus on a gold chain. The medal weighs about 2.4 pounds and is valued at $80 million dollars.

7. The Silver Necklace : This necklace was made as a copy from the original by the famous Etruscan goldsmith, Luigi Barletta. The necklace has 40 carats of diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sapphires. It is valued at $25 million dollars because it's made of pure silver.

8. The Men's Vacheron Constantin Pocket Watch : This pocket watch was made by the best Swiss watchmakers and it has a beautiful design which makes it one of the most expensive jewelries in the world. It has several jewels on its mechanism, 1,728 hand-decorated parts and it can be viewed while in operation.

9. The Midnight Diamond Necklace : This necklace is a complete set of 56 diamonds which are all flawless and have the purest color possible. The necklace has a beautiful design which makes it look like a starry night sky. It was made by the Harry Winston company and is valued at $15 million dollars.

10. The Pink Star Diamond Necklace : This diamond necklace has an interesting history because it was taken from Germany to America after the Second World War by the master thief, Alfred Loewenstein. The diamonds were sold to an anonymous buyer during an auction in 2013 for more than $83 million dollars making it one of the most expensive jewelries in the world today.