Top 5 Jewelry Trends

Top 5 Jewelry Trends

Trends can be a tricky beast. With so many different styles and looks to choose from, finding the perfect jewelry can sometimes be hard. There has to be something that captures your style and reflects who you are, but still looks trendy enough to wear with anything.

So we’ve done the work for you! In this article, we break down 5 of the hottest jewelry trends of the moment, from gold chains to pearl necklaces. Hopefully this will help simplify your search and help you find one or two pieces that capture exactly what you love most about yourself.


#1: Metal Jewelry

With the rise in popularity of the ring finger, a lot of jewelry has been made with a metal appearance. Popular metal options include silver, rose gold and gold. Gold looks especially great when mixed with rose or silver, which seems to be a growing trend in jewelry at the moment. This kind of combination creates a colorful and beautiful look that goes well with any outfit. Metal jewelry of any kind works great if you’re trying to go for an edgier look.

#2: Charm Jewelry

Another trend that has become increasingly popular is charm jewelry. Charms are small pendants with various symbols on them, so there’s really something for everyone. These symbols can be anything from animals to flowers to quotes about life. Some people even choose to get charms of significant dates or places in their life, so the piece of jewelry becomes a treasured memento.

#3: Pearl Necklaces

Pearl necklaces are another style that seems to have found a niche in the fashion world. Pearls can be used in a lot of different ways, but one of the most popular seems to be as necklaces. These pieces are usually given a delicate touch with various gemstones or gold chains designed to flow along with it. If you’re looking for something luxurious and feminine, pearls are definitely an option you should consider.

#4: Gold Chains

Gold chains are an easy way to create a more bold look. With their gold shine and durability, they’re a great piece for something a little bit more masculine. This doesn’t mean you have to be a man to wear a gold chain, however – many women choose this style as well. You can even find plenty of styles that mix silver or copper with the gold for a unique look.